Not all is bad in 2020. Here’s a photography special!
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Bristlecones and comet
BRISTLECONES and COMET: Old bristlecones, Perseverance, Bristleone Framing

Bristlecones and Milky Way
BRISTLECONES and MILKY WAY (L to R): Old tree with wildfire glow, Bristlecone curtsy, Diagonal bristlecone, Reaching to the stars

Bristlecones by day
BRISTLECONES by DAY: Magestic bristlecone, Dancing bristlecone (at sunset), Long roots

Cowboy theme
COWBOY Theme: Spring branding, Boot closeup, Roping

Flowers and Milky Way
FLOWERS and MILKY WAY: Palmer's Penstemon and Sunflowers

Landscape theme
LANDSCAPE: Snowy Sunset, Deer in Clouds, Cave Lake, Reflected Sunset, Sunflower Sunset

Other Milky Way
OTHER MILKY WAY: Whoa!, Old Car, Utah sign, Nevada Sign, Old Yellow Truck, Pegasus, Stella Lake Starlight

Train theme
TRAIN: Divergence, Boys on Engine 40, Engine 40 Glamour Shot, Engine 40 Steaming Along

Wildlife theme
WILDLIFE: Meadowlark Singing, Snuggly Marmots, Pronghorn Closeup, Kestrels and Lizard, Owl and Moon, Foxes

You can find a sketch of my photographic journey on
my blog, Desert Survivor.