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I love trying to capture some of the magical Great Basin landscape by photography. Check out the tabs on the left for more. I sell photos through the Ely Art Bank in Ely, Nevada and Restoration 180 Enterprise in Eureka, NV. You can also find items such as
Face Masks on Pixels.com.

bristlecones and neowisereflected sunset

I have a weekly blog, Desert Survivor, which shows what life is like being an ecologist married to a rancher with two young kids.

I’m also a correspondent for the Sierra Nevada Ally and for the Nevada Travel Network.

Available from Utah State University Press:
Great Basin National Park:
A Guide to the Park and Surrounding Area

6x9, 332 pages (Click on the image to learn more.)
The most complete book about the park and surrounding area, full of information you can’t get anywhere else.

The Great Basin for Kids

The fantastic book you want in your hands as soon as possible!
Check out all 40 pages of full-color, full-fun goodness.

An Un-Conventional Murder (Fiction)

An Un-Conventional Murder book cover
A fun caving mystery set in Ely, Nevada.

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