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Train Photos
In February 2017 I had the opportunity to participate in the Nevada Northern Railway’s Winter Steam Photo Shoot. It was a wonderful weekend spent with 30 other photographers and train enthusiasts. I learned a lot from the experience and have a deeper appreciation of this living museum.

Boys at Night on Engine 40

1-boys talking on engine 40 v3

Engine 40 with Steam at Night

2-engine and steam v5

Freight train Chugging through Sagebrush

1-10-freight train steaming along

This Train Looks Like a Toy!

1-17-train looks like a toy

Engine 40 Silhouette

1-19-engine 40 dark silhouette

Talking with Engineer by Tunnel

1-23-Mark and train

Emerging from Enginehouse

1-24-engine 40 coming out of engine house

Engine 40 Exiting Tunnel

1-18-engine partly out

Nevada Northern Engine 40 and Tender

1-24-Engine 40 heading off b&w

Engine 40 on the Tracks

1-28-train from track level

Gears In the Blacksmith’s Shop


Engine 40 at Night


Track Choices


Engine 40 Pulling Freight Train



Engine 40 Glamour Shot
glamour engine 40 shot

For a description of this event with more photos, see my blog, Desert Survivor, with five posts on the event:

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