Hi! Thanks for taking a look at some of my photos. As I go on my adventures to do research and get inspiration for my writing, I frequently take photos. Thanks for looking! Many of these are also available at the Art Bank in Ely, Nevada and the Eureka Restoration Enterprise gallery in Eureka, Nevada.

I’ve divided my photos into four main categories. Please click on them to see additional photos.

Great Basin Night Sky Photos
1-1-old bristlecone under the Milky Way

Great Basin Magical Lighting Photos
4-Photo 21 - Mountain Forests

Nevada Northern Railway Photos
1-17-train looks like a toy

Western Photos


Past Exhibition:
February-April 2017
Great Basin Magical Lighting and Night Skies Photography Exhibit at the Courthouse Gallery, Eureka, Nevada
Sponsored by
Eureka Restoration Enterprise
I chose to focus on two themes: the magical lighting of the Great Basin and the amazing dark skies of one of the few remaining dark spots in the continental United States. The combination of Basin and Range topography with the changing light conditions at sunrise, sunset, and during storms provides a beautiful canvas that shows off the Great Basin as a place to linger in and experience rather than a place to race through to get to the next big city. Because so much of the Great Basin is far from population centers, light pollution is low and the area is a great place to observe the night skies, looking beyond our world to many far, far away. My goal with this exhibition is to help people feel the beauty that is both near and far from this area where we love to live and visit.

Photography Awards:
2016 Nevada BLM Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner

Magazine Covers:
Ruralite magazine,

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For terrific art from 2012 Artist-in-Residence Kristin Gjerdset at Great Basin National Park, see Kristin’s website (includes Lexington Arch, Lehman Caves, and invertebrates).