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Great Basin Magical Light Photos
Many people think that the Great Basin is a monochromatic area, with endless miles of emptiness. It’s true we have a lot of empty spaces (that makes for great night sky photos!). Sometimes the colors in them are amazing, and it’s especially fun to catch them in a special photo.

5-Sunset on mountains

Jeff Davis and Wheeler Peak under a Golden Sunset
This was a magical May evening, with plenty of snow still on the mountains.

Sunset over the Range

Sunset over the Range
The storm had passed, leaving these marvelous clouds.

6-trail to the storm

Trail to the Storm
Baker Archeological site, featuring a Fremont village.
If the Great Basin seems remote today, imagine what it might have been like without cars when the Fremont Indians lived in the area.

1-frozen sunset golden reflection2jpg

Icy Sunset Reflection
This small ranch pond was the perfect reflection for a gorgeous December sunset.

1-emma and rainbow-001

Under the Rainbow
Rain is a blessed event in the high desert, and we go out to celebrate nearly every storm. This time we were rewarded with a double rainbow that our daughter and dog enjoyed.

1-2-Jeff Davis and Wheeler Peaks at sunset

Sunset over the Snowy South Snake Range
This photo was taken the same evening as the one at the top. The light changed so fast that it was a true joy to watch.

2-lightning and rainbow

Luck of the Lightning
After one storm I went out to take photos of rainbows. It turned out the storm wasn’t quite over!

3-old cabin and storm

Old homestead, southern Snake Valley, Utah
This old cabin looked especially pretty during a late summer thunderstorm, with rabbitbrush blooming in the foreground.

4-Photo 21 - Mountain Forests

Fall Colors, Mount Moriah Wilderness, Nevada
The Great Basin isn’t often thought of as a fall color destination. But when whole hillsides of aspens change color, it’s amazing.

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