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Great Basin Magical Light Photos
Many people think that the Great Basin is a monochromatic area, with endless miles of emptiness. It’s true we have a lot of empty spaces (that makes for great night sky photos!). Sometimes the colors in them are amazing, and it’s especially fun to catch them in a special photo.

5-Sunset on mountains

Jeff Davis and Wheeler Peak under a Golden Sunset
This was a magical May evening, with plenty of snow still on the mountains.

reflected sunset
Reflected Sunset

i love this bristlecone
Majestic Bristlecone
I just love this bristlecone. It hangs in our living room, reminding me of strength through adversity.

primrose on wheeler peak
Primrose on Wheeler Peak
Smoky skies provided a nice filter for the amazing view south from Wheeler Peak. Usually Parry’s Primrose grows close to streams, but it also grows on Wheeler Peak in Great Basin National Park. I found some growing on the south side of the mountain and scampered down to capture the pop of color with the glorious background view.

Mt Moriah sunrise reflection and dog
Mt Moriah Sunrise Reflection and Dog
When I woke early one morning and saw the faint clouds in the sky before sunrise, I knew it was going to be a special one. I loaded my camera and the dog and went to a pond on our ranch in Baker, NV, where we watched the magic unfold.

ethereal sunrise reflection
Ethereal Sunrise Reflection
Could it be real? The cotton-candy clouds with Mt. Moriah in the background made my heart quicken!

bristlecone and sky
Bristlecone and Sky
Clouds make this ancient, majestic bristlecone even more appealing.

Sunset over the Range

Sunset over the Range
The storm had passed, leaving these marvelous clouds.

2-lightning and rainbow

Luck of the Lightning
After one storm I went out to take photos of rainbows. It turned out the storm wasn’t quite over!

Sunflower sunset contest
Sunflower at Sunset
I love sunflowers, and the evening light just made this flower glow.

4-Photo 21 - Mountain Forests

Fall Colors, Mount Moriah Wilderness, Nevada
The Great Basin isn’t often thought of as a fall color destination. But when whole hillsides of aspens change color, it’s amazing.

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